Free Security Assessments +
60-Day License

Cymulate is offering free continuous assessments of common attack vectors – Email Gateway, Web Gateway, Endpoint Protection, Phishing Simulation, and Immediate Threat Intelligence – to any company who needs them. This Assessment will allow security professionals to determine how their security controls are working in light of the recent ongoing changes due to the Global pandemic; and more importantly offer guidance on what mitigations can make those existing security tools and platforms more effective and less prone to compromise without the requirement to implement new solutions.

Test Your Security Controls From Home

  • Businesses continuously validate their security controls with our cloud-based platform to ensure they are optimally configured and protecting the organization.
  • Get two weeks of free assessments of your email, web, and endpoint controls + test your employees’ awareness to phishing attacks.
  • We will also provide you two months to self-test your security controls against the latest threats, updated daily.
  • After each assessment, you will receive an online report providing you remediation guidance.
  • A Cymulate product specialist will be online to perform with you the first assessments.
  • It’s completely FREE. We really mean it – it’s our way to help.

More about the assessments offered:

  • Email Gateway Assessment
  • Web Gateway Assessment
  • Endpoint Security Assessment
  • Phishing Simulation Assessment
  • Immediate Threats Intelligence Module

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